Kejite Market in Kumasi

Some of the meat (top of picture) and peppers for sale
Some of the many wares for
sale at the market

All I can say about this market is that it is like Wal-mart on steroids in Africa.  It was divided into different sections, home improvement (with rope, shovels, hoes, hammers, saws, broom), food (raw red meat, fish, vegetables, yams, fruits, shoes (tons of shoes, flip-flops, heels, flats, running shoes, sandals) and clothing (kids, adults, women, cloth, blue jeans, dress shirts, dresses of all styles, belts, etc.).  It also reminded me of West Edmonton Mall because it was huge and easy to get lost in.  I was overwhelmed by the shear amount of stuff and people.  All the vendors yelling, “Obruni, I give you a good deal” was common.  Although I did not need a shovel, piece of meat or running shoes, I wanted to buy was a lanyard with Ghana on it, and that was the only thing I did not find at the market!  Getting out of the market seemed to take forever, but then I am bad with directions and get lost easily.